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Sanders Partnership


“Give the people a new experience, one that
 deeply changes their lives,

Make it affordable,

And eventually you will change the whole world.

And your customers will become your marketers.”

Dr. Venkataswarmy, quoted by Harriet Rubin in ‘The Perfect Vision of Dr. V.’ 

When I left Nordstrom in 1990, it was with deep appreciation for what we had been able to accomplish there.  My vision was to partner with other organizations of every size and scope, across industries and professions and around the globe, in order to tap into the evident potential of working people everywhere to connect their customers and their companies.

Thus was born The Sanders Partnership.  Your contribution to this partnership is your commitment to personal and organizational excellence.  Our contribution is to provide inspiration, insight, information and implementation. We do this through many means; consulting, mentoring, speaking, writing, and directing, all described further as you proceed through this site.

The Dr. V’s quote models a process of of service, change and results I strive to provide and help individuals and organizations experience through the work of the Sanders Partnership

1.       We all have the opportunity in our work to provide something that the world really needs, be it the actual products or services we provide – or the way we relate in working together and for the customers.

2.     Making what we offer affordable means making it available to those who most want and need it.  We present our work, mindful of both the time and the money of our customers.  Not only are we focused on cost, but on keeping the important relationships friction-free.

3.     We have already spoken to changing the world, if not the whole world, the world we touch.  By doing worthwhile work, we affect the daily life of ourselves and others.

4.     The concept of our customers being our marketers may seem crass at first blush, but consider what underlies this: When we are genuinely committed to our customers success, they are committed to ensuring ours. This level of mutual engagement reflects both the opportunity and the challenge of truly being of service.

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